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File:Razmjou.jpg|thumb|Shahrokh Razmjou, National Museum of Iran, 2003 '''Shahrokh Razmjou''' is an Iranian archaeologist and historian, specializing in Achaemenid Archaeology and History. He received his Ph.D in Achaemenid Archaeology at the University of London. He established the Inscriptions Hall (1998-9) and the Centre for Achaemenid Studies (2001) at the National Museum of Iran. He was curator of Ancient Iran in the Department of the Middle East, British Museum (2009-2012) and during this time, he produced a new updated translation of the text on the Cyrus Cylinder from Babylonian to Persian. He also excavated the ancient man-made caves of Niyasar, Kashan. He is currently teaching at the Department of Archaeology, University of Tehran. File:Shahrokh Rzmjou, British Museum.jpg|thumb|Razmjou holding an Achaemenid gold rhyton in the British Museum
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